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8.2 Renewables Energy Experts Pakistan Pvt. LTD

The 8.2 Group

The success story of the 8.2 Group e.V. (registered association) began in Octobre 1995 when Manfred Lührs founded the first engineering office in Süderdeich. In January 1997 he was the first engineer to be publicly appointed and authorized as expert for wind turbines.

Following this first engineering office a second 8.2 office was founded in 1998 which started the growth of the 8.2 Group e.V.. During the next few years more engineering offices were founded all over Germany which offered technical inspections of wind turbines as well as comprehensive consulting services.

Today 28 engineering offices are working together under the roof of the 8.2 Group e.V.
This network does not need any centralisation or any time-consuming administrative machinery. Close cooperation as well as exchange of information and know-how on a regular basis are the main characteristics of this network.

Within the team of the 8.2 Group e.V. experts of different subjects (see list below) are working together. This concentrated know-how is growing steadily by an internal transfer of knowledge and is available without restrictions for all engineering offices within the 8.2 Group e.V.. Furthermore, continuous training measures of the 8.2 ACADEMY intensify and update this knowledge.
The experts of the 8.2 Group e.V. are cooperating in certification bodies, committees, advisory boards and quality initiatives (see list below) and are contributing to the further development of norms, basic principles as well as examination methods.

The range of services has been increased continuously. Today the 8.2 Group e.V. is carrying out technical inspections of plants in the wind energy, photovoltaic as well as biogas sector. Moreover, the 8.2 Group e.V. is offering comprehensive consulting services for all three technologies.

You as a customer will profit from this unique experience characterized by our knowledge and secured level of