About Us

Pakistan Green Building Council (Pakistan GBC) is a nonprofit organization committed to a prosperous and sustainable future for our nation through cost, energy, water and natural resource efficient green buildings and communities.

Pakistan GBC comes directly under the umbrella of World Green Building Council (www.worldgbc.org). The World GBC is a union of 98 national Green Building Councils from around the world, making it the largest international organization influencing the green building marketplace. Currently the Pakistan Green Building Council is a prospective member of the World Green Building Council.

Pakistan GBC is the sole representative of the World GBC in Pakistan and the only organization in the country advocating, promoting, developing Pakistan specific green guidelines and certifying sustainable building practices and products.

Under the mandate of the World GBC , Pakistan Green Building Council covers all the aspects that affect the environment such as subsoil Water levels, Water consumption and usage, Climate change, Deforestation, Carbon footprints, Air quality, Transportation, Agriculture, Industry, Renewable and Alternative Energy/fuel, Energy/fuel consumption and usage, Design of buildings, living patterns, Green Product / Building certification system and Environmental education at the grass root level.

The Largest International Organization

WHAT WE DO | Introduce,Promote,Advocate

Our Objectives

  • Disseminate among the public the importance of using sustainable technologies in the process of designing, constructing, and operating buildings and zoned territories in order to achieve a sustainable environment with minimum damage to the surrounding environment.
  • Raise public awareness in regards to the creation of a sustainable environment by means of presenting, elaborating, and encouraging technologies and practices that have minimum impact on the environment and create healthy and sustainable habitats.
  • Assist in the elaboration and presentation of such technologies and practices for consumers and industry professionals in Sustainable design and construction.
  • Educate industry professionals in Sustainable design and construction practices including but not limited to Energy efficiencies, Water conservation, optimal resource utilization, and indoor environment.
  • Exert impact on the elaboration and implementation of any sustainable technologies and practices by promoting the achievements in this area among architects, builders, investors, and all stakeholders in regional development and public works on a local and national level.
  • Render assistance to the government and other institutions towards creating legislation compatible with the international standards in the area of design, construction, and operation of buildings through the use of technologies and practices ensuring the creation of a sustainable environment specific to the region of Pakistan.
  • Contribute towards the establishment in Pakistan of a standard for certification of Green Buildings and Communities.