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Daylight Harvesting solutions:

Turn off the Lights When the Sun is Smiling!

Our Acuity brand’s Sunoptics Skylights brings life in your facility by illuminating them with daylight. Our daylight harvest concept entails converting your roof into an Energy saver. Our Dome shaped Skylights are designed to gather sufficient daylight even when the Sun is low in the sky. It conditions incoming sunlight by total diffusion and dispersion which provides optimum natural lighting levels while blocking the harmful UV rays, reduces the heat transfer, eliminates hotspots and glare to a remarkable level.

Complete Warehouse Solutions:

Racking Solutions with WMS!

Do you want to be more efficient by maximizing labor efficiency, space utilization, product throughput, ergonomics and safety?

Are you short of space for your storage items?

Are you looking to re-locate for more storage space?

Or re-configure your existing storage to gain more space?

If yes, than

With our automatic storage solutions you can double your storage capacity in existing premises and you can also achieve increased level of efficiency and safety with our intelligent warehouse management solutions. We provide variety of storage solutions from world renowned storage solution providers who are expert in their areas. We will tailor a storage solution to fit your business today and give you flexibility for the future. Our solutions provide variety of benefits including fast product movement, cost saving, ease of access, apex storage capacity, efficiency and time saving.


Solar Power Solutions:

Solar energy is not only sustainable, it is renewable and this means that we will never run out of it. Our Solar power solutions add value to your property. Our solutions help Industries, Agriculture and domestic customers in hedging agai