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Zero Energy Technology Pvt. Ltd

FUTURE ENERGY is a knowledge driven company, specializing in providing innovative solutions to energy problems. We apply state of the art techniques in building physics to analyse, solve and implement energy strategies for all types of buildings by using renewable energy, custom designed UPS systems and energy efficiency measures. We also specialise in monitoring energy consumption and energy management of large users, especially where optimising supply and demand is essential.

At FUTURE ENERGY, we work with our clients to offer them the best, state of the art knowledge and products to help them achieve their goals. Access to reliable energy and power supplies is a basic fundamental right of all people. It should also be a relatively small operational cost of doing business. We find however, that energy costs are often prohibitive and as a result this imparts severe financial pressure on businesses. Supply is unreliable, electricity tariffs and fuel costs are increasing dramatically  and a lack of alternatives pushes people to use expensive, fossil fuel based generators, for which the costs are volatile and excessive carbon emissions result.

Our clients can expect FUTURE ENERGY to provide a scientific and objective assessment of the energy options available to them with the associated costs. With this we can offer renewable energy solutions using, for example, solar panels to generate electricity or On-Line UPS/solar hybrid systems to manage supply and demand. Our promise is to offer cost effective solutions which are fit for purpose using quality products, all of which are tested and certified by FUTURE ENERGY in our in house R&D laboratory.

FUTURE ENERGY has a dedicated showroom and can offer free site surveys. We have the best meters and calibrated instruments for conducting energy audits.

Research is an integral part of the work at FUTURE ENERGY. We have a strong history and commitment to academic research in promoting renewable energ