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Izhar Energy Services (PVT) Ltd

Load shedding coupled with continuous increase in energy prices has made many businesses un-competitive and un-operational because of high operational costs. This phenomenon has created demand for new players to come and play their role in designing and offering innovative solutions to resolve this energy crisis. Emergence of Izhar Energy Services is the part of this phenomenon.

Energy demand is growing significantly in Pakistan due to industrialization, urbanization and global warming. Indeed, the five most energy intensive industrial sub -sectors including iron and steel, petroleum refining, cement production, pulp and paper and chemicals account for approximately 45 percent of all industrial energy consumption.

Sadly enough, large amounts of energy consumed by industry in Pakistan are used inefficiently because of lack of awareness about proper energy management and weak energy policies and measures, among others. In fact, studies indicate that as much as 23 percent of industrial end -use energy is wasted because of inefficiencies.

Two pronged strategy is required to address this national issue. Firstly energy efficiency improvements programs should be undertaken in buildings and industrial sectors to reduce the energy use without losing energy efficiency and conventional technologies should be replaced with Alternate Energy Technologies to make at least 15% share of alternate energy in overall energy mix.

The major processes/systems to be focused for energy efficiency improvements are Water distribution system, heat generation and recovery systems, air compressor systems, Electrical lighting systems, cooling and heating systems and ventilation systems, material conveyer systems, Furnaces/Burning systems etc. Energy efficiency improvements/optimization is the process consisting of activities like of energy audit and analysis, identification of saving potential and development of energy saving plans, program executions and implementations ( Cali