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Sapphire Textile Mills Limited

One of the largest manufacturers and exporters of textile products in Pakistan, Sapphire technology comes from Europe, Japan and USA. Capitalizing on the region’s principal crop, cotton, we source this locally, and augment our offerings by providing imported fiber from the world’s best crops. We work with specialized fibers bringing in the newest innovations from major fiber and chemical producers, and our manufacturing from yarn to finished fabric is performed in our facilities in Pakistan. Synergies are formed with offshore garment manufacturing companies. Our products are marketed to the industry’s biggest names in Asia, Europe, Australia, and North America.

Over 14,000 employees

Annual turnover US $ 435 Million

To build flexible manufacturing capabilities in the textile industry to cater to the growing and evolving global demands, keeping a lead position in our business, maintaining our values based on good business and ethics, and at the same time contributing in the development of the community in which we work and live in.

Our Values

  • eople
  • elationship
  • ntegrity
  • iversity
  • nvironment