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Sustainable construction is a technique for the construction and infrastructure industry to change towards attaining sustainable development, taking into account ecological, socioeconomic and cultural issues. Green building is a practice of creating building designs using methods, that are ecologically responsible and resources- efficient throughout the building’s life cycle. Significant investments can be made by integrated planning and introducing environment friendly designs, involving the architects, engineers, city planners, contractors, policy makers and clients to develop an optimal design in terms of technology, materials and energy savings. 

Green buildings in Pakistan have immense potential and therefore the Policy Guidelines have been introduced. To facilitate this, a national level document ‘Policy Guideline for Green Building Code’ has been developed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in the construction industry. These guidelines provide an overview that how the building construction can relate to the sustainable development and are advisory in nature. As well as to strengthening the resource efficiency and sustainable consumption and production. This policy guideline is developed in collaboration with United Nations Environment Program (UN Environment), The European Union (UN), SWITCH- Asia Program and the 10- year program on Sustainable Consumption & Production Patterns (10YFP) Secretariat, with the financial support of the United Nations Development Account (UNDA). And also, with the Federal and Provincial consultation by the National SCP team, led by the Federal Ministry of Climate Change, Government of Pakistan. 

This policy is the first step of Government of Pakistan towards the commitment in enhancing the awareness on sustainable buildings and participating in combating the international challenges of climate change. The essential requirements have been pointed out in this policy for the eco- friendly buildings and also provide the checklist for environmental standards.

Pakistan Green Building Council feels honored and accomplish that the rating system ‘Sustainability in Energy & Environmental Development (SEED)’ developed by Pakistan GBC has been used as a reference in this bench marking step which is taken by the Government of Pakistan towards sustainability. Pakistan GBC has developed the ‘Sustainability in Energy & Environmental Development (SEED)’ rating system with the continuous help and support of our members, all the stake holders and leaders from the construction industry of Pakistan. The ‘Sustainability in Energy & Environmental Development (SEED)’ also meets the international building standards also fulfills the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) requirements. ‘Sustainability in Energy & Environmental Development (SEED)’ is the first ever building rating tool introduced in Pakistan. The World Green Building Council also recognized this rating system.  The ‘Sustainability in Energy & Environmental Development (SEED)’ highlights the importance of the Green Building Design and Construction Guidelines and how they can help us to achieve energy and water efficiency in new and existing buildings, which will help us to overcome the energy and water crisis in Pakistan.

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Launch of the WorldGBC Asia Pacific Awards 2020

The WorldGBC Asia Pacific Leadership in Green Building Awards showcase and celebrate the achievements of businesses and innovators in the region which are leading the way on sustainability in buildings.

The Awards are divided into 3 categories:

  • The Business Leadership in Sustainability Award recognizes companies which are truly integrating sustainability into their business models and contributing to the transition towards a sustainable built environment. These organizations understand that sustainability presents a long-term business opportunity, demonstrate sustainable practices within their internal and external operations, and show sustainability leadership within industry.


  • The Leadership in Sustainable Design and Performance Award recognizes pioneering green building projects that deliver a range of benefits through a holistic approach to sustainability. These projects go beyond simply minimizing their impact by considering factors that lead to positive outcomes for both the environment and for people. There are three sub categories under this award: residential, commercial and public.
  • The Women in Green Building Leadership Award is an award presented to an inspiring female leader in our movement. In a traditionally male-dominated industry, we want to recognize the pivotal role that women play in nurturing and activating their communities, and delivering change.

The awards are open to companies and green building projects of all sizes across the region. Nominations must be through recognized Green Building Councils in Asia Pacific countries.

Why are the Awards significant?

  • 60% of the world’s population (4.3 billion people) live in the Asia Pacific region, with more than 2 billion living in urban areas - a figure that is set to reach 3.3 billion by 2050.
  • Set against this backdrop of growth, creating buildings that are low or zero carbon is essential to ensure a high quality of life for people, minimise negative impacts on the environment, and maximise economic opportunities.
  • The Awards are the only ones to recognize green building achievements across the whole of the Asia Pacific region. The 2016 Awards were hugely successful, with over 100 nominations from 15 countries in the region.

Why should businesses or projects enter?

  • Raising their profile – Finalists and winners of the Awards will be profiled through WorldGBC’s global press work, social media and other communications activities.
  • Getting in front of the right people - Businesses and projects are judged by a group of renowned and highly influential figures in the green building industry.
  • Receiving recognition – The Awards are a chance to celebrate some of the most progressive businesses and projects in a hugely important region for the future of green building.

How to apply

Please contact us if you are interested in applying for any one of these three award categories:

  • Business Leadership in Sustainability Award
  • Leadership in Sustainable Design and Performance Award
  • Women in Green Building Leadership Award

The deadline for nominations is 17 July 2020.

There is a nominal administrative fee of US$200 per nomination  (except for Women in Green Building Leadership nominations which are US$100), paid through Pakistan Green Building Council. For further information on the Awards, visit .

Download Nomination Forms:

Business Leadership in Sustainability Award

Leadership in Sustainable Design and Performance Award

Women in Green Building Leadership Award

Please Submit your forms and for questions regarding the awards,

please contact: Anum Soulat at

Social Media Kit

Social media is a key channel through which GBCs can communicate the Awards to their members to encourage nominations, and to the wider industry and public. We have created the dedicated hashtag #APNawards2020 for use on Twitter and Facebook.

When posting on social media, we would encourage GBCs to link to either a dedicated web page for the Awards on their own websites, or to the WorldGBC Awards webpage ( ), which we have shortened using bitly here:

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WorldGBC webinar

WorldGBC along with some of Asia Pacific’s leading real estate companies will be hosting a webinar on Wednesday 22 April to translate what scope 1, 2 and 3 means for the commercial real estate sector. With limited guidance and understanding currently, this webinar will provide insights on:

• the overall emissions impact of the different scopes

• real examples of solutions and strategies for mitigation that can be applied today

• important hot spots to focus efforts

• guidance and initiatives that can equip companies to tackle the challenge of meeting science-based targets

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Code Compliance & Capacity Building on ECBC

Awareness workshop by Pakistan Green Building Council on Energy Conservation Building Codes in collaboration with Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) & University College of Engineering & Technology (University of Sargodha)).

Mark your Calendar for 29th August 2019
Timings: 10:00 am- 12:00 pm
Location: Video Conference Room, College of Engineering & Technology (University of Sargodha)

For Registration:

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Code Compliance & Capacity Building on ECBC

Awareness workshop by Pakistan Green Building Council on Energy Conservation Building Codes in collaboration with Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) & University of Engineering & Technology Taxila (Sub- Campus Chakwal).

Mark your Calendar for 28th August 2019
Timings: 10:00 am- 12:00 pm
Location: Conference room, mechatronics Engineering Department, UET Taxila (sub campus Chakwal).

For Registration:

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