Call for Paper

Technical papers are being called for international Green Build Conference & Expo 2016. Please submit an abstract addressing one of the following themes:

  • Green Architecture
  • Green Building Economics/Economics of sustainable Buildings
  • Sustainability and Green Development in Pakistan-Trends & Forecasts
  • Affordable Housing: Strategies; Leverage; Design and Construction
  • Building Performance: On-going Operational Performance; Post-Occupancy Studies; Building Envelope Commissioning
  • Climate: Resiliency; Adaptation; Climate Change; Vulnerability Assessments; Disaster Response
  • Community and Neighborhood Development: Eco-districts; Urban and Regional Planning; Food Security; Transportation Systems; Community Revitalization
  • Cultural Context: Location-Specific Design Concerns; Historic Preservation; Planning and design that strengthens/renews the historic and social fabric of a community
  • Design Innovation: Regenerative Design; Resilient Design; Biophilia; Modular; Universal Design; Adaptation; Flexibility, Integrative Process
  • Energy Efficiency (New and Existing buildings): Demand Reduction; Increasing Efficiency; Building Systems; Lighting Design; Energy Efficiency in Historic Buildings
  • Finance, Insurance and Appraisals: Financial Aspects and Implications; Financial Risk Analysis; Insurance and Appraisals; Green Building Finance; Sustainable Return on Investment; Residential Finance and Market Development
  • Health and Well-Being: Health Issues; Human Behavior; Human Comfort; How Place Affects Behavior; Human Psychology; Ergonomics; Evidence-Based Design; Active Design
  • Indoor Environment: Material Selection; IAQ; Operations and Maintenance; Day Lighting; Healthy Product Declarations; Acoustics
  • Legal Issues: Legal issues related to green building and green leases
  • Materials Science: Technologies; Innovations; Biotech; Acquisition/Installation/Management of Project Materials; Storage; Disposal; Life Cycle Assessment; Resource Recovery; Zero Waste; EPDs and HPDs
  • Net Zero; Energy; Water; Waste; Carbon
  • Residential Building Systems and Methods: Innovative Residential Systems (e.g. water, energy, waste, IAQ); Construction Techniques
  • Residential Neighborhoods and Community: Beyond the Walls of the House, Landscape, Neighborhood Development, Density, Infill, Transportation, Community Development, Place making
  • Site Issues: Campus Planning; Landscape; Ecosystem Services; Hydrology; Infrastructure; Roads
  • Smart Grid/Smart Buildings: Demand Response; Intersection of Utility Infrastructure and Building; Technology; Micro grids
  • Social Responsibility, Community Action & Engagement: Organizational/Corporate Community and Sustainability Initiatives; Community Participation, Climate and Environment Justice; Social Equity
  • Water Use: Water Efficiency; Wastewater; Process Water; Grey water; Water Foot printing; Water Neutral.

We are looking forward to receive your contributions for our conference on new and innovative concepts of sustainability in the building sector and the sustainable development of (new as well as existing) neighborhoods.

We will accept proposals that are either RESEARCH or PRACTICE oriented.

Please send brief of your paper by to

Session Style and Length

All sessions are designed to allow the audience to be active learners through question and answer periods, group discussion questions, or other activities.

All proposals must be complete, comprehensive, and deemed relevant and timely to the conference’s audience. All presenters will be contacted independently to confirm their submittal.

The Expo/conference invites academicians, scholars and researchers from around the world to meet and exchange the latest ideas and discuss issues concerning the conference theme.

You are requested to submit the abstract (only in English) of your paper (200- 350 words) along with your brief resume through email to latest by Oct 7th, 2016.

The Paper Evaluation Committee will approve the abstracts after peer review. The approved abstracts and full length research papers will be published in the Abstract Book and the Conference Proceedings respectively.